We offer the following seasonal camping service packages:

Premium Lakefront Full Service Site:  These sites offer 30AMP electrical hookup,  waterfront views,  with sewer and water.

Premium Full Service Site:  These sites offer 30AMP electrical hookup and water.

Standard Full Service Site:  These sites offer 20AMP electrical hookup and water.

Unserviced Site:
The Pass Lake Campground currently has 20 unserviced Sites.  These are our largest sites offering the most spacious and private camping experience and economical prices.

Black Water Removal/Pumpouts
Are an add on service.  They can be prepaid for the year for $180.00+HST or campers can order them one at a time for $15.00+HST.  All black water orders must be placed and paid for at least 24 hours in advance and they will only be conducted on Mondays.

At the current point in time household garbage pick up is a free service, however new regulations from the ministry get stricter every year and we don’t know how much longer we will be able to offer this service for free.  Garbage pick up is Monday, each camper is allowed 1 bag of household garbage a week.  Beyond that it is the camper’s responsibility to dispose of excess waste.  We encourage campers to recycle as much as possible to reduce the volume of garbage going to our local dump.